Wuhan coronavirus kills 6, infects more than 300 in China

now China is desperately trying to keep
a lid on the spread of the Wuhan coronavirus but so far it seems to be a
losing battle and could get even worse with the Lunar New Year holiday about to
start in just a matter of days more than 300 people in China have been confirmed
to have been struck down by the virus so far six have died what makes matters all
the more concerning is that we now have confirmation that the infection can pass
from human to human east and JE with the details the outbreak of the so called
Wuhan corona virus has now killed six people and left more than three people
sick in China as health officials there scramble for ways to prevent the virus
spreading even further the corona virus which causes a form of pneumonia is
thought to have originated in late December at a wholesale seafood market
in the city of Wuhan health officials first believed the virus could only be
spread through animals but the World Health Organization now says it can be
spread between humans after 15 medical staff became infected
officials say human to human infection is possible through close contact and
they are advising people to avoid close contact with anyone with cold or
flu-like symptoms with the outbreak Wuhan has announced a series of new
measures including the cancellation of upcoming Lunar New Year celebrations
which had been expected to attract hundreds of thousands of people travel
agencies have also been ordered to ban group tours in and out of ohana and the
number of thermal monitors and screening areas in public spaces will be increased
the latest measures come as Chinese President Xi Jinping has ordered
resolute efforts to curb the spread of the virus beyond China the outbreak has
spread to South Korea Thailand Taiwan and Japan in another first on Tuesday a
person in the US was confirmed to have the virus
a man in Washington State first experienced symptoms after returning
from trip to a region near Wuhan he was
hospitalized last week with pneumonia but was later confirmed to have the
Wuhan coronavirus North Korea is also stepping up its preventive measures as
it has banned Chinese tours from entering the country with the world on
high alert the WHI will meet on Wednesday to decide whether to declare
the outbreak an international public health emergency
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3 thoughts on “Wuhan coronavirus kills 6, infects more than 300 in China

  1. China never said it is not a humam2human epidemic. China said it is unknown 2 day ago. But today, china informed WHO that indeed it's a humam2human virus after get concrete evidence.

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