‘Wuhan pneumonia’ spreading across China and beyond its borders

the mysterious respiratory virus that
emerged in the Chinese city of Wuhan is rapidly spreading as of Tuesday the so
called Wuhan pneumonia has infected more than 200 people and killed six in China
the disease has also been detected in other parts of the world including
neighboring Asian countries in Australia jung-in has the updates since it was
first detected in December the total number of confirmed cases of the
pneumonia like virus in China has risen to 291 as of Tuesday in the city of
Wuhan the origin of the virus over 270 people have been infected and six have
died among the infected are 15 medical doctors who’ve been treating the
patients and one of the doctors is in critical condition and hundreds of
kilometers away in other parts of China five cases have been confirmed in
Beijing two in Shanghai and one in Dalian in Guangdong province there are
14 patients two of whom have not been to ohan members of their families however
have been based on these cases and others the government officially said on
Monday that the virus can be transmitted through human contact the second
characteristic is that human to human transmission has been confirmed but
concerns are growing worldwide as the virus spreads beyond China’s borders
there are two confirmed cases in Thailand and one in Japan all of which
involve people who have been to ohan and the first case of the new corona virus
may have reached Australia with health authorities in Queensland confirming a
suspected case on Tuesdays we’ve got one gentleman that we’re just following at
the moment who has traveled to Wuhan and has developed a respiratory illness but
he’s he’s recovering at home and so we’ve done some some tests on him um
were awaiting results against his backdrop countries are stepping up their
containment efforts by enhancing scrutiny at airports especially when
millions of Chinese set to travel overseas during the upcoming Lunar New
Year holiday and tomorrow the World Health Organization will convene an
emergency meeting in Geneva to address the outbreak and decide whether to
classify this as a state of internationally
urgency jung-in arirang news

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