Wuhan SARS? Chinese officials race to identify mysterious pneumonia strain

killed almost 180 people worldwide in the early 2000s. Kristie Lu stout joins us now from Hong Kong with the very latest. So, how do they know it is not sars?>>I guess identified the samples that they had and identified it is not the current virus so the ruled out sars, they ruled out mers, it is likely it is a brand-new viral pneumonia, this mysterious new cluster of pneumonia cases is raising new concerns here across the region, and the Hong Kong chief executive Carrie lam held her weekly press conference today, not with an update on the Hong Kong protests but on how her government is dealing with this, how it is taking, in her, words immediate action to help prevent the spread of this virus that first emerged in the city of rouhani in mid December, and we know that flight and trains from the city are coming into, Hong Kong we also learned that relevant authorities your stepping up control and health inspection at the border using those handheld infrared devices to gauge temperature. Carrie lam also announced this week there will be along revised under the prevention and control of diseases ordinance that will require doctors to declare those who have suspected symptoms, like respiratory illnesses. The chief executive Carrie lam also confirmed the 21 people here in Hong Kong have been admitted to hospital. Seven of those cases have been discharged, but she also added that those cases are not related to the will hand cases. There are a total of at least 59 cases of the will honeymoon, yes Evan patients reported to be in serious condition, and they have not been able to identify with a strain is but as you said at the top of the segment, it has ruled out stars and ruled out Maria, so many checks on the, border including south Korean Singapore so, a lot of concerns being raised right, now John, especially with the mass migration event takes place every year, Chinese new, year just a few weeks away.>>, Yes a very busy travel time. Right, now seems to be a link, at least according to the world health organization between this virus and live fish markets and live animal markets. What are they talking about?>>They are talking about how they traced back to a fish market in Wuhan where that cluster of cases first began. I should also add this fish, market the seafood market not only selfish but it sells poultry, also other types of animal products as well, so more investigation is needed to find the cause of this but it is raising a lot of concern, again, we do not know the cause of it, we also do not know what it is capable of. Human to human transmission concern is very high even though no reports of that had been indicated just yet. But on the other side, no deaths have been reported which is encouraging, given the fact that this virus has been circulating out and about since it emerged in Wuhan from that seafood market in mid December, but one comment I do want to, add but you will appreciate, John, one major point of concern is information reliability and censorship. Most of the information that we are getting about this virus is getting from the Chinese government and Chinese government officials, and here is hoping that they learned one of the major lessons from the sars outbreak almost 20 years

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