“Wuhan SARS”: Tracing the origin to China’s wild animal markets

traces the origin of this new strain.>>Barricaded and guarded by police with, masks Chinese authorities have traced a new deadly virus back to this seafood market in the city of Wuhan. They say a new strain of coronavirus a year and has struck dozens of people and put an entire region on edge. CNN has obtained this video filmed inside the market, showing that more than seafood was an offer for sale. Images of the market from early December taken by a concern customer indicate it was apparently selling other live wild animals including birds, snakes and raccoon dogs, sparking concern that the virus might of been transmitted from animals to humans. CNN has not independently verified this footage posted on Chinese social media, which has since been deleted by government censors, according to the poster. When CNN contacted the market, they would not comment. The school of public health here in Hong Kong universities leading authority on the study of emerging viral diseases. Professor of openness virologist at the university and was among the first to decode the stars coronavirus.>>I believe that this was on outbreak was caused by an animal virus and then the animal actually carried this virus and spread to humans. But we know is causing pneumonia and then they have been exposed to normal — which is not surprising but then in terms of mortality, stars killed 10% of the impact individuals.>>Between 2002 and 2003, stars infected more than 8000 people and killed 774 in a pandemic that reached 37 countries. Officials say the new virus was first detected move on on December the 12th, some of the initial patients were employed at the seafood market. Hundreds of kilometers south of rouhani, at this market in the southern city of Jim young, wild animals are crammed inside cages. Road, ducks rodents, even porcupine to be sold for consumption. It is not a unique sight upmarket cross trying to were both animals and humans are in close contact. This footage, not independently verified by CNN, is from Hong Kong broadcaster I cable filmed on the sixth and 7th of January as the new strain was discovered. No indications any diseases lurking here but according to the world health organization, scenes like this point at the potential risk of a new virus spreading.>>These animals, we don’t know their history, we don’t know what kind of viruses that they are having in their body.>>The interface with the animal, world there will always be the danger of spillover. As long as people eat meat, there is going to be some risk of infection.>>The Corona virus that causes sars was traced to a wild animal considered delicacy in some parts of China. After the sars, break China outright ban the slaughter consumption of the animal into doesn’t. For authorities in both will honk and qingyang tell authorities they don’t know anything about the sale of illegal animals at such market and there are no open investigations but 15 years after the ban, in this market in southern China, exhibit cats are seen lying inside cages and this style keeper says he is selling them. Ready for purchase. Kristie Lu stout, CNN Hong Kong.>>Thanks to Christopher that great report. There and while she was, reporting we actually just got new figures in from China. , So when I introduced her, report we had 17 new cases of this virus being confirmed during the weekend. It has now been increase to 139, just on Saturday and Sunday alone so essentially China has confirmed 139 new cases of this coronavirus over the weekend. This is a massive jump of people who are infected with this virus so now the total across China is 201 people, the death toll is three. So, it certainly has been spreading and is certainly becoming more and more vigorous. We will

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