hey y’all welcome back to Shawna right a
cooking and cleaning channel for busy moms today I’m gonna be doing a whole
house clean and disinfect with me because we need and since becoming a mom
I literally is like I found my purpose so my entire family has been sick
recently we all had a stomach bug a couple weeks ago and then we’ve had
colds and just been feeling icky it’s just that type of year around here
gonna be doing a whole house clean it and disinfect with me
luckily my house isn’t too dirty we’ve been pretty good about keeping up with
things lately but does just need some general cleaning and dusting vacuuming
things like that and then I’m gonna be going around and disinfecting all like
our high touched areas so light switches doorknobs and remotes toys those type of
things we’re gonna be disinfecting everything I do want to thank jaws
cleaners for sponsoring today’s video to just add water system by jaws is one of
my favorite cleaners I’ve used it in quite a few of my cleaning videos you
guys have seen they are non-toxic and eco-friendly cleaners that you can use
throughout your whole house they have a kitchen cleaner a bathroom cleaner they
have a disinfecting spray which I’m going to be using today a hardwood floor
cleaner and a granite cleaner the well as of course a glass cleaner I love
their cleaners because they are all non-toxic and safe to use around my
child in my pets which is really important to me when you
order jaws cleaners you get the spray bottle as well as the refill pods that
work within the spray bottles the spray bottles are something you continue to
use over and over again so you never have to replace them you just order more
pods and when you run out so you can just replace the pause instead of having
to replace the whole bottle which is definitely very environmentally friendly
and helps cut down on waste now in order to use the Jaws cleaner you’re just
going to want to fill the spray bottle up to the line indicated on the bottle
with some cold water once the spray bottle is full you’re
just gonna take one of your refill pause and you’re just gonna simply set it in
to the top of the lid and then you’re gonna take the spray portion and you’re
gonna stick the little thing through the refill pod and into the bottle and then
just screw it on and you will hear a little click which means it kind of
broke the seal for the refill pod and then all the solution that’s in the pod
will go into the water and mix to make your cleaner now that our cleaners are
ready let’s get to cleaning as usual we are gonna be starting off in my kitchen
tonight and you will see a few outfit changes throughout this video this did
take place over three consecutive nights as you guys know I am a busy busy
working mom and cleaning it usually gets done in the evenings after I’ve home and
my kid is in bed so that’s what’s happening here tonight we’re gonna be
working on the main living areas of my home tomorrow night we’ll be working on
me Holly and my son’s room and then the last but
not least at the end of this video we will have some bathroom cleaning as well
so make sure you stay tuned for all of that as I mentioned I will be using jaws
cleaning drawers cleaners throughout this entire video if you haven’t picked
yours up already you definitely should check out the link in my description box
to get yours now they have a code a special going on right now for the new
year if you use code SAVE 20 you get 20% off of your order which is a great deal
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hardwood floor cleaner the shower cleaner and the glass cleaner is only
twenty six ninety-nine normally so with your twenty percent discount that’s a
pretty good deal you get the four spray bottles as well as two of the refill
pods per cleaners so basically you’re getting eight cleaners all for only
twenty six ninety-nine and then you also get the twenty percent off so check out
the link down below to go get yours today so now I’m going to go ahead and wipe
off the counters I’m gonna be using my jaws kitchen cleaner and degreaser as
well as one of my jaws make those fiber cloths I love to the kitchen cleanser
and greaser it is probably one of my favorite jaws products this bottle is
almost completely gone but it is safe to use on all kitchen surfaces and and
appliances including stainless steel and is great at removing the grease and
grime I really love it plus the microfiber cloths are awesome as well now let’s go ahead and move on to
disinfecting my high touch surfaces such as light switches and door knobs I’m
gonna go ahead and be using jaws disinfecting spray as well as my
microfiber cloth cause I’m just me wiping off my light switches and door
knobs to get the full effect of the disinfecting spray you do want to leave
it sitting for at least 10 minutes but it’s a little hard to do on light
switches so we’re just going to be wiping it down so now I’m gonna go ahead and move on to
the dining room and start by disinfecting my son’s highchair and they
spray down the tray and let it sit on there for a couple of minutes while I go
ahead and wipe down the rest of his highchair once I am done with his
highchair I’m going to go ahead and move on to our dining room table where I’m
gonna be using our hardwood floor cleaner I love the hardwood floor
cleaner from Jaws you can use on all types of flooring including sealed
hardwood tile and laminate but it also be used on any sealed wood surfaces so I
love to use it on anything that I need to dust so my dressers nightstands my
dining room table anything like that it’s simple it’s easy it doesn’t leave
back behind any like hazy residue or anything like that and you don’t have to
rinse it perfect we stay up all night and when morning is that entryway and ever since I took
my Christmas decorations down it is so empty I got this table right before the
holidays and so I haven’t numbered like had normal decorations on it yet and I
need help how should i decorate this give me tips and tricks verbally
affordable thank you and now moving on to my main hallway and there are quite a
few doorknobs and light switches in this area that need to be done and then I’m
gonna vacuum of course now I’m gonna go ahead and move on to my
son’s room this was the main area of my home that I wanted to disinfect all of
his toys I’m gonna dump out all of his toys on the floor and then I’m gonna
spray the disinfecting spray on it and let that sit for at least 10 minutes
actually ended up being more closer to 20 minutes while I was cleaning the rest
of his room I just let them I just sprayed it all over the toys and let it
sit before I went ahead and wipe them off and put them away as you saw in my son’s dream I also made
sure I disinfected the light switches the doorknobs the other liked larger
toys and then I’m also doing his crib so all the little pieces of his crib I’m
going ahead and wiping it all down and disinfecting it now the toys have been
sitting for quite a while so I’m going to go ahead and I’m going to wipe off
any residual residue left over on them and I’m gonna go ahead and separate them
and put them away in his little toy bags now in my bathroom I’m going to be using
the jaws daily shower cleaner which can be used on all bathroom surfaces
especially your showers and tubs but not only you can also use it on your tubs on
your sinks your toilet your near anything you want just not on marble I
really love this it has a very good smell and it works really well on my mirror today I am gonna be using
jaws glass cleaner which is ammonia and alcohol and streak-free it’s safe for
electronics as well which I love I wipe off I like our PlayStation and our TV
with it – who the glass cleaner is awesome because it doesn’t leave any
streaks or anything I works great on mirrors and windows TV screens anything
that has a reflective surface now I am moving on to my bathroom which
is our last stop today I didn’t need to clean my shower because I had just
cleaned it a couple days before but I’m gonna go ahead and clean off the counter
wipe it down and of course clean the toilet as well I did not vacuum in
either one of the bathrooms tonight because at this point my son was asleep
so I had to make sure and be a little bit quieter than I was in the other
parts of this video look at you like Auriga shave you will come back to last thing I’m doing tonight is just
making sure I disinfect the high touch areas in my master bathroom izybelle
I hope you guys enjoyed this disinfect and clean with me if you did make sure
you get a big thumbs up if you’re new here don’t forget to hit that red
subscribe button before you head out the door and don’t forget to check out Jaws
cleaners there will be a link in the description box down below make sure you
go and click on that and don’t forget to use code SAVE 20 to get 20% off your
cleaners for a fresh new clean start this new year make sure you check them
out I love them and I know you guys will too I’ll see you guys in the next one
bye Oh


  1. Make sure you pick up your Jaws cleaners today! You won’t regret it! Get yours here! http://bit.ly/2QXJpNG
    Use code SAVE20 to get 20% off your order!

  2. Love this! Great job getting everything done! Feels like all I do is clean up toys all day🤣👍💗 thanks for the motivation!

  3. yessss I just did this recently! gotta get rid of all those nasty winter germs! So glad you and Heather turned me onto JAWS products they are the best!!!!

  4. Hey Shawna, I love using the jaws cleaners. They work so well it seems like everyone here has been getting sick a ton lately to

  5. Amy Fritz has a great video about decorating entry way tables!!! You should check it out! I just have tulips in a tobacco basket on my for the spring haha.

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