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Hey ladies, welcome to Yoga With Adriene.
I am Adriene, and today, we have a special supportive sequence
just for us girls. This is a restorative practice, a very simple
one that you can do at home. What I love about this practice
is it eases cramps, it quells PMS – great for everyone – but also
it just is a comforting supportive sequence that I can
do in the comfort of my own home. You don’t need anything fancy, you don’t need
any yoga props; if you have a bolster and a block, great, but
all you really need is a towel or a blanket and some pillows.
Yay, pillow yoga. So grab the pillows off your bed, steal the pillows
off your roommate’s bed – just kidding – or your couch
pillows, hop into something comfy, and I’ll see you on the mat. All right, so the first thing we’re going
to do today is grab our blanket or towel and just roll it. You
can roll it about this high or even a little higher, if you
want. You can even put your pillow down, voila, and your blanket. Just want to come into a nice comfortable
seat. So we’ll cross the legs and give ourself a little bit of
space. Often, we’re practicing half-lotus or lotus, we’re kind
of binding everything up. Today, we’re going to give ourself a little
bit of space. So draw your heels out and then take a second
to just sit up nice and tall, looping the shoulders forward,
up, and back a couple times. You can close the eyes here,
or soften the gaze, and we’re just taking a second to just kind
of go inward and land here on the mat, land here with the video. Perhaps you’re feeling a little bit fussy
or frustrated or perhaps you’re busy, a busy gal, and so we’re
just taking a second or two here to just check in with the
body. Let the weight of the legs grow heavy, let
the heart lift up just slightly so we’re not pushing or forcing
anything here today, considering a gentle wash as we move
throughout our poses. You might take a second here to drop the chin
to the chest, stretching the back of the neck, and just
checking in with the body. You might notice that you’re a little
tired and the spine wants to collapse. See if you can maintain
this nice lift in the heart as you draw your chin to your chest,
a couple breaths here. We’ll turn the palms face up now, just kind
of balancing out the energetic body here as we inhale, lift the
chin up towards the heavens, careful not crunch the back of the
neck but just lifting the chin, kind of rocking the head
a little side-to- side. Again, nice, long, smooth deep breaths, and
then we’ll rock the right ear over the right shoulder. Nothing
fancy here. Arms, heart, palms open, again, taking this time
to just check in with the body, check in with the breath. Drop your chin to your chest, take left ear
over left shoulder, and let the mind and the body connect to hopefully
balance out the nadis, balance out the energetic system,
and provide a little openness or relief to the physical
body. And then we exhale, bring it back to center,
turn the palms face down, and we’re going to inhale. Just a little
spinal flex here, loop the shoulders, press the palms into the
knees here as you lift your heart. Tops of the thighs, sit bones ground down
as we inhale, just kind of opening the front body, opening the
heart. You can find a little femininity here; why not? A little
movement. And then on an exhale, we’ll drop the chin
to the chest and draw the navel back gently, releasing the weight
of the head over. And then again, we’re going to just kind of
find a little self- expression, a little feminine movement, a
little sway, a little organic gestures here. Here we go again, inhaling all the way up,
nice long lift through the crown of the head, long spine,
little movement. And then on an exhale, chin to chest, navel draws
back, and we take a couple breaths here. You can catch the weight of your body, palms
to knees here, and really breathe into the upper back. And one more time, we inhale, lift the heart.
And on an exhale, release it back. And then we’ll gently bring everything back
to center, head over heart, heart over pelvis. Draw your palms
together and just take a second here to be with your breath. And perhaps – just a little invitation, you
can totally skip this – but an invitation to just set an intention.
This can be a great opportunity to just kind of mindfully
cancel, clear any PMS or any business that you’ve had so far.
Perhaps you’ve had a struggle in the day or perhaps you’ve been
just not in a good place. So here’s a chance to just quiet the
mind and set an intention, something positive, that will serve
you in your practice. This can be simply, ‘I choose to find more
ease’;’ I choose to surrender’. Repeat your intention to yourself,
confirming it, considering it already done. And then we’ll
take a nice deep breath in, and on an exhale, release, and
come onto all fours. All right, so we’re going to come to all fours
here, and just take a couple breaths and cat-cows. So nothing
fancy here, just an opportunity, again, to check in with the
body. We inhale, loop the shoulders, heart radiates
forward, you can close your eyes again. Take a couple moments
here to find a little movement. And then on an exhale, we
curl the tailbone under, we press up and out of the palms, pressing
on the tops of the feet, and draw the navel up towards the
spine. Same thing here, really inviting the body to work it
out. So here’s a chance to connect to your feminine
side if that appeals to you, or if that’s too new-agey
for you, just kind of finding a little self-expression so that you
can feel good. Inhale, looping shoulders, feeling the front
body stretch. We press up and out of the palms here, and then
exhale, tailbone tucks, and we travel up the spine. So just do this a couple times on your own.
Moving with the breath. Then we’ll come back to tabletop position.
Curl the toes under, and gently walk the fingertips back towards
the tops of the thighs. A little yoga for the feet moment
– bonus. And we’re going to take our pillows now, yay,
and we’re going to bring them in front. I have a nice long body
pillow here, and I’m going to widen the knees as wide as the
mat. So if you have a body pillow, you can hike it all the way
up towards your crotch – hey-oh. And first time, this might
be enough. We’ll just take a couple moments to do little variations
of this. I’m still on my toes here, so I’m going to
walk my fingertips forward to come onto the tops of the feet
and send my sit bones back. So I’m coming into a nice supported,
extended child’s pose here. Notice how I’m rocking, but I totally
encourage a little bit of rocking. Again, just a little organic
movement, a little sexiness, a little sensuality, all for you,
though. Not for anybody else today, just you. Okay, so from here, if I have a lot of space
in my hips and I’m wanting a deeper release, I’ll come onto my
pillow here, just one pillow, palms walking forward, coming
to turn on the right ear here coming on the side. Oh yeah, baby. Or, if you’re like, no, need more support
today – because all ladies are different – then I’ll grab another
pillow. Diving forward. And then guess what? If I want even more support,
I’ll grab another one. And again, I’m hiking them all
the way up towards the front of the hip creases, I’m kind of
considering this upward lift as I lengthen up through the spine,
I might reach my arms up even to get a nice, long extension.
And then I dive forward, coming onto one side. So five nice,
long, deep breaths here. Pressing into the palms, I’m going to lift
my head up, lengthen and look forward, nice long extension as I
lift the chin up. And then, on an exhale, turning to the opposite
side. Same thing, five nice, long, deep breaths here. And I’ll press into the palms, use them to
walk your way all the way back up. And then I’ll take my pillow
mountain and toss it to the side. We’re going to draw the knees in towards center
and we’re going to come into a hero pose or a hero variation.
If hero pose is not something you practice because of your
knees or maybe you’re new to yoga and you want to be mindful, then
that’s great, you can practice this a couple different ways. So, we can curl the toes under, give ourselves
lots of space, knees in line with the hip points, and practice
this next position – or this next stretch here, or we
can take our block and bring it in between the ankles, come onto
the tops of the feet and sit down here, knees still nice and
wide. So this is pretty great. I can also draw my knees in
here, taking maybe the fleshy part of the calves, just moving them
aside. Virasana, hero pose, we sit up nice and tall.
So we’re here, here, or here. Or we’re in the full guy, which
is, again, coming onto the tops of the feet. Yielding, kind
of lifting up through the heart, as I sink down, drawing the knees
together. Again, we’re not collapsing here, but we’re taking
care of the body, lifting up. So a couple different variations
here. Hands can rest gently on the tops of the thighs,
and we’ll all inhale, lift up through the crown of the head,
exhale, ground down through the elbows. Close your eyes,
just observe the breath. Again, we have many different variations
here. I’m going to take my fingertips to the side
and I’m going to gently walk them back. So this is super, super
mindful here, especially if you’re in the full hero posture
here. But even on the block or on the toes, you want to be mindful
as we open up the front body. For some people, when they’re cramping, it’s
great to apply pressure. Gentle, but apply some compression,
right? For others, it’s better to open up, so we’re doing a little
bit of both today. So we’ll open up here. I’m not letting the
head rock back, I’m just kind of opening the chest, walking my
fingertips back and towards each other, opening up through the
front body. If you’re in full hero, it might look like
this. If you’re on the block, it might look like this. Or with
the knees wide. Or if you’re on the toes, it might look like
this. And actually, with the lift of the toes, most people could
probably put their palms down, maybe not everyone, so you could
just experiment. Again, it’s not about right or wrong, but
the experience. We’re already winning because we’ve taken the time
to ourselves today to practice and counteract the imbalances
in the body, hopefully provide relief. A couple more breaths here. If you are a flexible yogi and you’re ready
to go for supta virasana, you might continue the journey back.
So again, super mindful. If this is brand new to you, take
it easy, grow this posture. If we’re there, though, we might come onto
the forearms. Any variation right now, we’re breathing into
the lower belly, nice, long, smooth, mindful breaths. And you might
just check it out here, soften the fingertips, my lady friends,
no clenching. And then if you have experience or you have
the space available, you are welcome to come all the way back.
Sometimes it’s nice to plant a pillow behind you here for the full
release. Breathing , supta baddha konasana. Again, fingertips soft
in whatever variation. I cannot stress enough how this is an intense
posture. This is kind of an advanced posture. So, especially
on YouTube, we see all these yogis doing poses, and I just want
to walk the talk and say that this might be something we build
up to in time. To come out of the posture, I draw the elbows
in, inhale, lift the heart, use the palms to gently walk yourself
back up. We might catch up with our friends who are already
here, and we’ll all slowly lift the heart, head over heart,
heart over pelvis. Come on to the fingertips, and then crawl
our way gently, slowly, nice and slow today, back to all fours.
Walk the knees together, curl the toes under. So if you are on your toes, you’re going to
go opposite. If you are on the tops of your feet, you’re going
to come onto the toes. So, wherever you were, you’re going
to do the opposite in the feet to just kind of counteract this. And then we find a little movement again,
a sway, massaging the fronts of the hip creases. And again, you
see it’s nothing fancy. You can do this on your own, just connecting
to the body, connecting to the breath, lower belly getting
some love, reproductive organs getting a little massage,
a little sensual massage. And then we release, coming back
to all fours. Awesome, ladies. Okay, next up, we’re going to practice head-to-knee
pose, or janu sirsasana. So, come onto your booty and
take the legs wide. This variation is supported, and should feel
yummy. This isn’t the Olympics or gymnastics class, so you have
nothing to prove here, you don’t have to go super splits on
me, you can just widen as much as you feel comfortable. Then we’re going to take the left heel in
towards the center line, voila. We’re going to sit up nice and
tall. We’re going to have our blanket here, and if we need to,
we can lift the hips up on the blanket for a little bit of space.
So this feels good, because with my hips lifted, my legs kind
of fall down a little bit and that feels awesome. I’m going to take my pillows – pillow or pillows
– and then once again, I’m going to draw the pillow towards
the front of the hip crease. Now, in head-to-knee pose, I take my heart,
I lift it up, and I take my rib cage and kind of guide it over
towards the right side. I’m grounding down through the top of
that left thigh bone, and of course making any adjustments
along the way, just so I feel supported. I am going to double-pillow it, and I’m going
to inhale, lift up through the heart, and then exhale, crawl
it forward. Nothing fancy here, just nice and easy. I could even
triple-pillow it here – I have this other little baby couch
pillow – and giving myself support. This feels awesome. My belly is supported,
and I can maybe grab my foot here, or, really today, just let it
all hang. So we inhale in and exhale, forehead down. Breathing into the back body here, pressing
into the right heel, right toes up towards the sky, fingertips
are soft, jaw is relaxed. Inhale, breathing into the lower back. Exhale,
grounding down through those hip bones. Remember your intention here. Inhale, lots
of love in. And exhale, draw your chin to your chest, and
slowly roll it up. Soft fingertips, ladies, as we slowly stack
the spine. And roll up, head over heart, heart over pelvis. Awesome. Now, we’re going to take it to the other side.
So again, I’m sitting up on my blanket, I draw the right
heel in, send the left heel out. And for restorative postures like this, sometimes
the bulk of the work really is in just getting set up,
but it’s worth it once you get there. My hope is that you’ll
learn how to do these with the video, but then you’re able to do
this on your own, too. So drawing my pillow up to my hip crease,
and finding what feels good on this side, grounding down through
the top of that right thigh. I inhale, lift my heart, take my rib
cage with me, and then forward fold. So you can find different levels. In restorative,
it’s really not about – like, I can come, I can do my
head-to-knee pose, I can show you that, but that’s really not what
feels good when I’m trying to relieve cramps and just find
relief in the body and rest my mind and soul. The support feels
nice, so give it a try. Again, I’m breathing into the back body here,
and maintaining a little awareness in my left leg, pressing
into my left heel. If you are grabbing onto the pillow or the
blanket, keep softness, a little grace in the fingers. I just noticed I was clenching in my jaw,
so relax your jaw. Inhale in, and on an exhale, root down through
your sitting bones, draw your chin to your chest, and slowly
roll it up. Awesome. From here, we’re going to move straight into
a supported paschimottanasana. So, you can keep your blankets
that you have here, and we’re going to send the feet out
in front, and I’m going to turn to the side here. So, again, you can keep your blanket or your
towel here to lift the hips up. And I’m going to do the same
thing, drawing the pillows in. And look at this, check this out.
One place where it’s great to be greedy, and it’s fun. Restorative
yoga like this reminds me of when I was a kid and I
would create forts and just comfortable places for myself to be in,
so that’s kind of what we’re doing here. As women, making sure
that we take the time to find comfortable places when it’s
most needed. So look, I can even do this, I can get as creative
as I want. I inhale in, I think up with my heart, lots
of space as I exhale, forward fold. So you have an option
here: you can go forehead to the pillow here, so we’ll have
plenty of room to breathe, or you can come onto the side, go
a little deeper. Finding a spot today that feels most comfortable
and yummy to you. And when you’ve found your spot, press
in your heels, toes up towards the sky, take a deep breath in,
and then on an exhale, soften in the feet. Yeah, permission
to soften in the feet. You might find a little rock here, you might
find a nice, long, juicy exhale out, finally releasing that tension,
that stress, the frustration you might have been holding
onto in the body. Breathing into the back body, I find I just
kind of gently remind myself to draw my shoulders away from
the ears so I’m not clenched up. There’s definitely more than meets the eye
in these restorative postures, and the longer we’re there, the
more opportunity we have to find that yumminess, that release,
that space, that unbinding. Let’s take one more breath in, and then exhale,
pressing into the sit bones again. We draw the chin to the
chest, and slowly roll it up. Awesome. Now we’re going to head into supta baddha
konasana, super-duper yummy all year round, but a nice supported
one feels really great when you’re dealing with the cramps. So, a couple different options here. If you
have a block, then let’s play with your block. If you have a
bolster – pretend this is a bolster, I don’t have a bolster here
– but you can place your bolster here or even here – you’ll just
have to imagine – and then this becomes a nice place to lay
the spine. Obviously we don’t have a bolster here, and in some
ways, I think it’s great because not a lot of people have a bolster
at home. So this is kind of fun to just play with things
that we have in the house. Pillows, right? So, a couple of different options. If you
have your towel or your blanket, you’ll roll it up long-ways,
like so. I’m going to sit up against my little roll here, and then
gently, gently rock down. Soles of the feet come together, and
this is one variation, to open the chest, to breathe into
the lower belly and soften the groin. If you have a pillow here, extra pillow, you
can pillow the head, the neck. This feels great. And then
we can take our other pillows to the side to support the outer edges
of the legs. So, oh yeah, this feel awesome. So I’ve rolled the blanket or the towel up
underneath by spine, then we use the pillow to just kind of support
the head and neck. And then I’ve brought my remaining pillows
to support the outer edges of the legs. Hands come to the
belly here and we just give it a little movement, a little pet,
and we breathe. And maybe hands gently come to rest on the
hip creases, or you can even come into a mudra here, like so:
index finger and thumbs coming together, the sign of the woman.
And rest it here. That kind of feels nice. Relax your jaw again, relax the skin of the
face. Make sure you’re not clenching between the two eyebrows.
Just letting everything go here, feeling supported. And again, if you feel like this might be
good, you can use the hands to just provide a little movement, a
little energetic movement. You can even take the thumbs to
the hip creases or just below and wiggle them here, again, just
stimulating the nadis, or the energetic channels. Let’s take two more nice, long, smooth, deep
breaths here, letting everything go. Then, we’ll gently bring the fingertips to
the outer edges of the thighs, draw the knees in towards the
center line. Take a second to come on the elbows, lift your head,
your heart up, come onto the elbows, pull the blanket or
the pillow, whatever you used that was underneath your spine, away,
and come back so that your head is on your pillow. The last thing before shavasana is this little,
gentle twist, using your pillows that are already here.
I’m going to press my palms down to draw my knees into my chest.
Let the lower back become flush with the mat and begin to rock
a little side-to- side. You can draw circles with the knees
here if that feels good, and just providing a little bit of organic
movement to release the lower back, especially that lower,
lower back. Girls, you know what I’m talking about. It
gets kind of achy. And then really easy, I’m going to inhale,
reach my fingertips up over the head, soft elbows here. I can
grab the outer edges of my pillow here – that feels good – and
then I’m going to rock my knees towards the right. They’re going
to land on my pillow, and I breathe. And again, this is supported. So yeah, our
knees can go all the way to the ground, but we’re giving ourself
that cushion, that support, so we breathe into the lower belly. You can come onto the left ear here. This
feels great. On an exhale, I bring it back to center, nice
wide knees. Take a second here to shimmy a little left to right.
I’m showing off my pink socks that I wore just for the ladies,
because I am a nerd. And then taking it to the other side. Find
what feels good. Maybe coming onto the right ear. There we
go. Inhale in deeply, then exhale fully. Gently, we’ll rock it back to center, feet
come to the Earth, hands come to the lower belly. Then we slide
the legs out long, for, you guessed it, shavasana. So, you can really use that image of kind
of setting up a tent, a little feminine love tent. So whatever feels
good here, some suggestions, of course. Bring that rolled
up blanket underneath the backs of the knees. If you have big bolster,
you can do that here, too. If you have a ponytail or a bun
in, let it go. If you have a nice, heavy pillow like a feather pillow,
that feels great on the tops of the thighs, but any pillow
will do. I’m going to go ahead and use this one here, just
a little weight on the tops. So widen your legs at least as wide as the
mat, or maybe as wide as the blanket, soften through the toes and
the ankles, relax your shoulders, maybe draw your shoulder blades
in, together, and down so the heart is nice and open here. Open the palms, take a deep breath in through
the nose, and exhale out through the mouth. Two more just like that, ladies. Inhale in,
and exhale, release. Last one, make it good. Inhale, then exhale,
sigh it out. Great, stay here as long as you like. You might reach
over and pause the video at this point; might rock the head
a little side-to- side. Take this moment for you.

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    You are a life savor Adriene thank you ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  31. i might have stayed in the position at 10:00 and watched the rest of your video like that…. it rly did relieved my bad cramps though! so thank you so much!!

  32. It's been a hot minute since I've done that one. I've been having a lot of lower back & belly pain these last couple hours, felt so many emotions today as well so doing that session helped, especially with these pillows. I feel a bit better and a bit calmer now. Ready to rest! As always, thank you 🙂

  33. Thank you Adriene. The cramps are gone. You are magic. I'm also so proud that I seem to have finally made it a habit to do yoga with Adriene as soon as I wake up. Thank you <3

  34. I love this so much. I have really bad cramps and usually I get lucky and start my period on a day or a weekend when I don't work, but sometimes I have to call out. They're really debilitating and exhausting. That being said, I'm so glad you made this video because it really helps. Would you ever consider making an updated version of this video soon? I love this video, and all your videos I've done really, so having a secondary period yoga video would be nice to change it up every once in a while. Anyway, thank you so much for this video. It really helps every time. ^-^

  35. This feels sooo good! I'm in heaven every time I do this. I have done this yoga session already 3 times this week. From now on, this is my go-to yoga during PMS and menstruation.

  36. It's the first time I do it because my cycle is painful. I wanted to try and I found the practice was very good and especially the massage. It was comfortable to do and thanks to pillows. I feel rested. I recommend it. Namaste.

  37. I was having the biggest cramp ever and was all along and the weather outside is grey and cold and i didnt want to take a warm bath or shower. This really helped me and the pain is almost gone, now im gonna take a big cup of camile and bc my cramps are so light maybe i can get som rest and sleep in now 🙂 thank you alot!!

  38. You are a real life saver Adriene! I look forward to our yoga sessions every day. 🤗😍 Before meeting you, I had very little information about yoga, but now it means a lot to me thanks to you. 💕

  39. Omg, Adriene you read my mind! I was feeling horrible and I was a little doubtful that you made a video of yoga for PMS, I was so wrong to doubt you. You are absolutely lovely. I am so grateful to you, thank you for sharing your lessons and releasing my soreness from the muscles and THE PAIN from my periods. I am so grateful to you, I have no other words to explain my gratitude. Except, Namaste.

  40. this whole opening up positions don't work for me it made me worse 😧 I don't know where I can find the one video that works for me too 😕

  41. I know Adriene has an updated “PMS” video to be more inclusive, but glad she kept this one up, I love it! 💗

  42. Adriene- I read your email about redoing this because you wished to police your language around gender. I find that disappointing. With the best will in the world, the people that you have helped with this specific video are females. Women. This drive to eradicate language which states plainly what we are seems more harmful than helpful. This practice is based upon biological truths that don't care about pronouns etc. To attempt to erase us a class of people is not somehow kind, it is jarring and uncomfortable and I sincerely hope this trend doesn't catch on. You have a fun, engaging and spontaneous manner. I hate to think of you second-guessing that away.

  43. Doing this during my pms with candle in a dark room before sleep. So relaxing and enjoyable. A little date with myself. Thank you, Adriene for new ideas and experience💚🌹

  44. I really love your videos but I gotta say, I was scepical about this one. The only thing that had helped me with the cramps so far were meds … well, I was wrong to doubt you ^^ Thank you for this one <3

  45. I have been on a journey to find what feels good since 2014. In the process I came across this video which has become a staple for cramp relief. What amazes me each time is that this flow allows me to release anything weighing me down emotionally. I want to thank you Adrienne for the love, guidance and support you've given us through your pratice. Your kind heart and beautiful spirit heal so many people. I sincerely wish that this year is as good to you as you have been to me and countless others over the years.

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