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– Hey everybody. Today we’re gonna talk about some exciting things such as your period, hormones
and your mental health. So like I said today we’re gonna talk about hormones and periods
and your mental health and before I even get
into the hormone talk, I want to explain and define what menstrual cycle is. When I say menstrual cycle and I’m reading my notes, it is the process of
ovulation and menstruation. The monthly cycle of hormones and shedding of the uterine lining. It is essentially when we have to wear pads and tampons
because we’re bleeding. So lets get into those
five important hormones that are involved in our
whole menstrual cycle. And I wanted to start off by talking about estrogen. And mainly because we
hear about that the most. And estrogen is otherwise known as the growing hormone. And I’m gonna read a little from my notes to make sure I don’t forget anything. But it’s a female sex hormone, as I’m sure you’ve heard that helps grow and mature our uterine lining. Which is the essentially
where if we decide to have a baby where the egg lodges and has enough lining to keep it safe while it grows and turns
into another human. And I found this is really interesting. Estrogen is produced
not only in the ovaries which I’d already known but also in the adrenal glands and fat tissue. Just to give you an idea of what parts of your body are producing estrogen. The second most important hormone that is involved in our menstrual
cycle is progesterone. Now progesterone just like estrogen is another female sex hormone. And it kind of helps balance out estrogen So estrogen comes into
play at the beginning, like the first half of our cycle and it helps build up our uterine lining. Progesterone’s role is to kind of balance off the effects of estrogen. And I wanna read this because I want to make sure that it makes sense to you. The role of progesterone is to control the build up
of the uterine lining. But if we aren’t pregnant right, so it’s in there and it will keep the build up goin strong if we’re pregnant but if we’re not progesterone levels will increase and go up and up and up and our lining will shed. The third important hormone involved in our menstrual cycle is the follicle stimulating hormone or F-S-H. And I didn’t know anything about this, so this was news to me. But it’s released from our pituitary glad and it stimulates the
ovarian follicles so that the egg matures and can
be ready to be released. So this has to happen like way back. This is happening at the beginning of our cycle right. So we have these they’re
stimulating our ovaries. And like hey you should
probably get ready, make sure that egg’s mature enough to go down your fallopian tubes. And then once it is they send it out. And that leads me into our fourth important hormone and that is called the
luteinizing hormone or L-H. And this is the hormone that once that egg’s matured it’s like we’re ready to go and it sends it down the fallopian tube. It’s actually the hormone that causes the release of the egg. And the fifth and final important hormone involved in our menstrual cycle is testosterone. I didn’t actually know it played a role in our menstrual cycle but hear me out, it’s actually important because it happens right before our period
and during ovulation. And what it does is it
increases our energy and our sex drive. And you can think about it, ovulation oh I’m fertile. It’s the time I can get pregnant. So if you’re out there and you’re trying to get pregnant know
that your testosterone’s what makes you think like ooh maybe I can have sex because really what your body’s saying hey we can have a baby
now maybe you should try to create a baby because that’s the role of our body. And testosterone also helps keep our bone density up and our muscle mass. So that if we do get
pregnant our bodies can hold the baby, keep the baby safe and go through all the
things that pregnancy and birth makes us go through. There are so many hormones involved in just our menstrual cycle, so you can imagine how
much that can affect our mood and how we feel. We know if we have really
low progesterone levels that can cause symptoms
of P-M-S and P-M-D-D or if we have any intense fluctuation of the other four hormones it can create those symptoms in us. And we already know
that menopause is caused by low levels of estrogen. So with all these things swirling around and changing week to
week it can really make us sometimes feel crazy. And something that I have my clients do that I think is really important is tracking your mood. And that is why I’ve decided to partner with Clue. Now Clue is a period tracking app that you can find and download
in your app store. It is available in iOS and Android phones. And what I love most about Clue is not only that you can track. So here’s my app. And I can enter today’s data. Now obviously I can say
if I’m on my period, I can say whether my flow
is light medium heavy then I can talk about if I’m having cramps or if I’m having a lot of pain. But the coolest thing is mood tracking. And it tells me whether I’m– I can tell the app whether I’m happy sensitive sad or if I’m having extreme P-M-S symptoms. And the more information that you give the Clue app, the better it gets at predicting. And this is what is really helpful because then you can
tell people in your life or you can reschedule things if you know that this time last month, you really had a hard time
for two or three days, you felt really depressed or you felt really agitated and moody. It may not be the best time to have a big social get together. You may want to put that
off for a couple days until you feel a little bit better. And Clue is the number one rated app by top doctors and researchers so you know it’s gotta be good. And my favorite part of it other than the mood component is the reminders to take my birth control because every time I go to my OB she says how important
it is that I take it at the exact same time every day. And the app will remind you. And it can even give you reminders of when your P-M-S symptoms may come or when you’re at your most fertile. If you’re trying to get pregnant that can be extremely helpful. And the cool part also
is that you can share it with someone else. I know that I often have my client’s share their mood trackers with their spouse or their best friend or their roommate because then we don’t
always have to say to them hey today’s I’m feeling really shitty or I’m feeling really depressed they can check the app
and be like oh that’s why they’re a little distant today. And know that it’s not about them or the relationship
that you have with them. It’s more about the fact that your body and your hormones are shifting and you’re just feeling
really crappy today. So give it a try. Click the link in the description and check out the Clue app. I think it’s so helpful
to track our moods. Its been really helpful to me not only to remember to take my birth control at the right time but also to notice when I may be feeling bad and why that’s happening and kind of see my cycle. Cause like I said there are over five important hormones involved in just our menstrual cycle. And that’s not even talking about our neurotransmitters, our dopamine, norepinephrine, and all the things that
make feel what we feel each and every day. So click the link. Check it out and let
me know what you think. And don’t forget to give this video a like and if you’re new to my channel, click here to subscribe and I will see you next time. Bye.

100 thoughts on “YOUR PERIOD, hormones & mental health! | Kati Morton

  1. Getting this app to help me track and help determine if I'm peri menopausal. Doc also checking hormone levels in blood work. Moods and depression are definitely different now too. Great fun!

  2. Love you Kati! Great video c:

    I have a question about not having periods…the last one I had was from the 2nd to the 3rd of January this year. I'm definitely not pregnant, I don't do anything sexual or intimate because of my issues around that. How serious is it not getting your period? I'm 17, vegan and I have eating 'issues' – I say that because I'm not diagnosed/feel like I'm not taken seriously. I 'fit' the criteria for anorexia but am not underweight so EDNOS/OSFED more likely? My periods have never really been that heavy but I didn't skip them, until this year.

  3. hi I just wonted to now why is it so hard to live with border line personality disorder. sum days I am feeling really good for a hard day then stray to the bottom and feel like shit and am on a mood stableiser .but have bean on it for now 3 months and feel like I am going down hill .I dont now and f I should go back to the doctors or wot I don't feel like people.are taking me seriesley.

  4. Kati! I have a question that is not related to this video.
    I have been in a fandom for a long time and have over the past half year decided to leave and for the most part succeded. It was a super stressful environment with loads of drama that the fans had next to no influence on. It was really bad for my mental health. Now that I left I feel much better, but I feel my heart beating faster and my stomach dropping everytime I only hear the name or see an image of the artist. It's really horrible and I try so hard not to care but I can't. And I tried googling and went through your videos but I can't find anything on how to deal with a past obsession that is somehow triggering and negatively influencing your life. Some advice would be much appreciated <3 thank you 🙂

  5. I went to my school nurse for the last time today before I leave school, she told me I'm fine and she's not worried about me but I don't feel fine. No one else I talk to feels this way and it's not normal but I told her as much as I could and she says it's normal. I know this has nothing to do with periods or anything but I had to get it off my chest that she's said this and now I don't know what to feel.

  6. I love Clue, and I love Kati, so yaay for this video!! But seriously, Clue is awesome! I have been using it for over a year and it is super accurate.

  7. I'll be honest, I use a different tracking app, but this exactly! when I started tracking 6 years ago I realised I had PMS, and that I can plan around it.

  8. I've heard that you can alter your medication to coincide with your period, such as increasing anti-depressants the week of. Is this something you've heard of, or recommend?

  9. This is the perfect app, thank you. I've been dealing with suicidal ideation becoming worse after I ovulate, so this will help me provide proof to my doctor so we can then take the next course of action to level me out.

  10. hi kati,or whoever might possibly answer me.
    I've been struggling with depression for a while now but that's not my problem right now. I'm not sure if I have distorted eating or an eating disorder. so my day goes like this, I won't eat until maybe 4 pm then I'll have a salad and some fruit. which is okay but if I eat something else I feel horrible and so guilty about so I throw it up to get rid of my mistakes. I feel guilty whenever I eat but when I eat unhealthy foods the emotion just gets so much stronger. I weigh myself everyday like 2 or 3 times per day.
    Didn't know weather or not to bring this up with my therapist but don't want her to say anything. I just wanted to know if this is really a problem or something that is just a but weird but still okay?
    okay thanks in advance x

  11. I've used clue for a few cycles. It is generally easy to use. It doesn't seem to analyze the data for you, though, and it hasn't predicted terribly well. It is roughly accurate though… and maybe it will get better the longer I use it. It also doesn't have a wide range of data entry for certain items. I do think it is the best of the one's I have seen. I have found it most useful for tracking medication intake. I use it even for non-period related medication. It also helps me to be self aware as to moods and other factors that were more of a jumble before. I definitely recommend it.

  12. Hi Katie, I'm in my 40s and although I've always had rough periods, it was 3 years ago it got so bad my GP put me back on the Pill and advised me to run the active tablets back to back. It's been the best thing I could do, because it was either that or adding in a mood stabiliser on top of high dose Effexor.
    I really encourage women of any age who have mental health issues to a) track periods and b) get either a good GP or get your psychiatrist and your OG to work out a treatment plan together.

  13. You read my mind Kati. I just had hormone blood work yesterday because I have absolutely no emotional regulation right before or during my period. It's awful! I cry and have daily panic attacks until I start another pack of birth control.

  14. hi, i don't know if you mention this in the video (it's really hard for me to watch because i have ocd and am repulsed at the mere thought of getting my period) but could you talk about ocd and menstruation. it is so hard for me to deal with. i often cry just thinking about getting my period… i am so desperate, i want to get surgery to stop my period permanently. some advice or tips or help would be really appreciated! thanks Kati 🙂

  15. Omg so funny as soon as I started watching this video I was 'oh u know what I should update Clue' and then bam you start talking about how awesome Clue is 😀 I couldn't agree more! Their occasional informational emails they send out about period info is so helpful and interesting, I've learned so much about periods and my body that I NEVER would've known otherwise. The only downside though is that if (like me) you have regularly IRREGULAR periods it'll take the app a while to be able to accurately predict them.

  16. My period is in 13 days and I'm literally terrified because it makes me so suicidal. I feel so overwhelmed by life lately, I have chronic health problems and can never find a solution to anything. I hope I can do this.

  17. I love this! I have been feeling really terrible and depressed during this cycle specifically. You don't see a lot of videos like this explaining the hormone correlation and moods.

  18. I don't pay for apps often, but MyFLO is another great app for period tracking. It gives you advice on what foods to eat and how to help your body based on the phase of the cycle that you're in. I encourage everyone to learn about your cycle's phases: follicular, luteal, ovulation, and menstruation. Definitely helps to understand your body better and why it acts/reacts differently during certain times of the month 😊

  19. I think being ACTIVE is so helpful when I am pmsing. If I sit around, I will crash emotionally. Steer away from sitting around, it really slows down your mood and your body to a complete stop!

  20. Great video Kati! I started tracking my period after getting off birth control and I actually have better moods and periods now. It's so amazing what you can do when you work with your body. Thanks!

  21. Hi Kati I downloaded the app and I love it! I am also on birth control, but l started considering not to take the pills, because I heard that it's really harmful to our body and our organism, what do you think of that? xo

  22. I loved Clue, before I started taking the pill, it was so helpful tracking my sleep and when i would get PMS. So glad you are promoting it bc its such a good app

  23. Thank-you for the detailed but easy-to-understand break-down of the cycle. I've struggled with PMS and then started to notice bigger mood swings and "funks" and realized they happened more often around my periods. My obgyn suggested I track my cycles incl. moods and energy and that really helped me. The obgyn also suggested increasing my intake of magnesium, calcium, and drinking sports drinks/lots of extra water to stay hydrated.

  24. Hi Kati! I am on birth control pill and I take it for 3 months in a row before having my period, do you know how the hormones change because of that?

  25. l get very calm on my period my best ideas come at that time. glad l feel this way. soo much negativity never hear woman say good thinges about periods. could it be not being connected to your female side, body sprit emotions dis-connect or simpy these ladies have really bad periods chinese say if you have reproductive problems bad pms your body needs to detox has too many toxins

  26. My period just came 6 days early, which means the next one and associated Pmt will be in the middle of my vacation 😭

  27. I've recently realized I get bouts of insomnia with my period. Does anyone else experience that? Is it very common?

  28. I absolutely LOVE Clue! It's the only period app I use! I use it every single day. The only downfall is how I don't know whether I'm PMSing, or just going to a depressive or manic episode. I've started to get a hang of it, but it's still difficult for me. I know that they still cover that topic though, which is also why I really love this app.

  29. Literally when I have my period I want to literally kill myself it's so intense yes I am in therapy. She thinks I have psdd

  30. This is my third or Fith time saying this but, I went to a therapist and she told me I'm getting my period soon, and I don't need to worry. Which basically means she's saying STOP BOTHERING ME!!! I DON'T CARE.

  31. I track my cycle as my form of birth control it’s so nice to not have to take any extra pills that make me feel crazy

  32. Clue is the ap I use. I used to use 4 different ones for a year and clue was the most accurate. You’re welcome

  33. I am sitting in a bar on my period eating chips and ketchup and sticky toffee pudding drinking wine wanting to slap everyone lol

  34. AGE 26 NEVER HAD A PERIOD.Healthy female.good diet.sleep and lifestyle.what hormone tests and hormone supplemention might benefit my gf? Doctors in thailand did blood work and hormones .but they were of no opinion!!!!.Has any doctor or health practioner ever come across this in a normal lifestyle healthy looki g person.slim healthy diet some exercise? Any advices please.

  35. I have PCOS and my periods come when they want too or none at all, but as I'm getting older they are getting worse. I'm going to talk to my doctor about this.

  36. I use meds to control my period cause I bleed like crazy now I bleed less and now when it comes i am still foggy for A week I cant handle blood plus I Get really emotional

  37. FYI, when you're on birth control you don't actually experience a real menstrual cycle. That's how it prevents you from getting pregnant. The "bleeding" a woman on birth control experiences is caused by a hormonal fluctuation built into the schedule of the pills that was added by manufacturers so women would feel "normal."

  38. I'm using clue already. Mostly just to know when my period and ovulation are going to be because I already know that I'll feel like a pool of cow poop during that time xD

  39. It's said that knowledge is power and wisdom is understanding. As a guy, I need all of the understanding I can get and the more I understand, the more empathy I have for women. As a kid, it was taboo to discuss things about female functions, so until I was a teenager, I thought first period only referred to the first class of the day.

  40. I have been medically underweight for all of my life and would only get my period like 2-4 times a year since I was 13. now I am 120 pounds and 5 feet 7 inches and age 24. But still havnt had my period since November 2017. I’m going to a OBGYN in two weeks. But I’m so confused if they can help me get my period or not.

  41. I was in the halls and a group of boys were reading a billboard about the difference between the 1998 vs the 2015 sex ed. There was mental health in the 2015 one and they were talking away about how thats stupid and it doesnt effect puberty and i cut in like a robot and started to explain all the things i learned from this video and they just stared at me. Now they call me the psychology nerd and i always respond with "i bet you your hippocampus and your amydella cant comprehend my amount of hormones, parts of the brain, and mental illnesses, my intellect can." Its so funny cause they cant understand.

  42. I'm always so so emotional and cry on my period 😧 it's so hard it ruins my mood and I'm thinking of strange abstract stuff 😣

  43. Are used to use wild yam progesterone cream and it made me severely depressed I’m wondering if it’s the progesterone when it rises that also contributes to depression?

  44. Moral of the video, be nice and considerate to women on their periods, don't judge or make fun. We simply feel like shit and we all know that no man or woman can be a happy camper when they're physically sick.

  45. not sure if you'll see this but I have bipolar disorder type 1 got diagnosed at 19 years old but started dealing with depression at 15 years old and feel like my manic/mania and depressive episodes are worse while on my period and my mood swings are horrible on my period. I get all irritable and so angry the day before and the whole day my period starts my mood is bad also is it possible that PMS is harder with bipolar disorder individuals?!

  46. Me going insane because of PCOS. I have my period for months at a time or not at all. My period always makes my depression so bad.

  47. eeerm…When you are on birth control you cant have pms because you dont ovulate. Also the bleeding is not bc your lining is shedding but because youre coming off synthetic stuff. Get your facts right

  48. Iv not had a period for over a year. Had tests everything came back clear. Iv been dealing with a lot of trauma.. Childhood sexual abuse… Anybody else have this experience?

  49. I discovered the Clue app on November 9th. It succesfully predicted my "special days" this month😂 — Id begun to suspect my spiralling irritability leading up to the full moon each month might be something else, not that I'm actually a werewolf-woman!!! Here i am, 3 days in tears and in despair, but with the knowledge I'll be just dandy tomorrow when my period arrives 😆🙄

  50. PMDD is NOT mental health it ENDOCRINE!! If PMDD is stupidly classed as mental then that make PMS and MENOPAUSE mental. Having your ovaries out cures the problem therefore not mental health!!!!!

  51. I wish I could meet you someday that'd be so awesome ,truly a dream, I think your an amazing person, You know & I struggle with my mental health,I have very bad anxiety and depression, ( GAD/MDD/PTSD)
    I guess you can have more than one mental illness, I try to be positive but it's hard, I even have my own YouTube channel I like to be able to express myself thru making videos and make videos about mental health,even storytimes,vlogs,mukbangs,Being a young mom since I was 16 and prego, I talk and express being a proud bi Latina & having a learning disability and 🌈 LGBTQ+ included🌈 I want to inspire other's, for the ones who are and felt different,an outcast,alone and i'm here to say that they are not alone. I'll be they're voice , a voice for the voiceless,my channel is like a safe space for all gender/race/sexuality/disabilityetc.

  52. So having bad anxiety and depressive episodes I just realize that when my periods come I get fucked up . My anxiety shooots and I overthink everything. Also I make decisions and choices that I end up regretting which is confusing and painful at the same time

  53. Menstruation is your body's way of making you pay for not getting pregnant…seriously, though, I wonder if the body is just angry at doing so much work to prepare for pregnancy only for to be let down…again…you're worse than an evil boss…then you shift the goal posts by taking birth control…why, you devious, scheming, nasty little…YOU'LL PAY FOR THIS! DOWN TO THE LAST DROP OF BLOOD, SWEAT AND TEARS, YOU WILL!!! TAKE THAT!! AND THAT!! Heh. That'll teach you. And if it doesn't, see you next month dummy…

  54. I start feeling very nauseous and dizzy about a week before my period. Then finally once I get it I go into random panic attacks I'm not sure if the way I am feeling makes me panic or if it's just my hormones but it is the worst thing ever. Thank you for this video.

  55. PMDD has been something I have dealing with since I was a senior in high school (around 10 years ago) along with low mood/ generalized anxiety. Something I have learned is to LISTEN TO MY BODY and MOOD!! I am so interested in this biological process and learning different medicinal methods to cope with my fluctuations. Reading the comments from this community of people really help when watching these videos…. thanks Kati for promoting positive content to the world!

  56. I’m on my period now and my hormones are everywhere and I am dealing with cramps and it makes me moody big time

  57. I am 48 couldn't live without anticonceptional pills …..not in menopause either no symptoms , PMS sometimes before the period or after the period which is every now and then very uncomfortable sadness moodiness angry…. thanks for sharing you are a PHILANTROPHIST Kate 🌼🌼🌼🌷🌷🌻🌻🌻🌹🌹🌹🌹

  58. Before my period, I cry over every little thing, I feel depressed,lower back ache .it's always hell for me 😣

  59. The pill is carcinogenic aka causes cancer. But the doctor wont tell you that. They want to make you dependent on pharmaceutical companies to make more money.

  60. I’ve noticed that this cycle both in PMS and during my period my anxiety has been at an all time high, having anxiety attacks for almost 2 weeks, hopefully once my period ends I’ll feel myself again

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