Your Workouts are Hurting You! (HERE’S WHY)

What’s up, guys? Jeff Cavaliere, Today we’re going to talk about, and figure
out whether your workouts are the source of your pain. You see, if you were to take an assessment
right now of yourself, maybe you have – and you likely have – two, three, maybe even
four spots that hurt. Does the inside of your elbow hurt, maybe,
when you do pullups? You’re just sitting here, turning your head
right or left do you get a little pain, or a bit of soreness? One direction versus the other? Maybe your low back hurts when you’re doing
ab exercises, or your knees hurt when you try to squat, or when you raise your arm up
over your head one doesn’t go up as high, or as smooth as the other, or it cracks and
pops. Something is probably wrong. You have to ask yourself, “Is it your training
that’s causing these discomforts and pains?” Or if you weren’t training, would the weakness
that you have make things even worse? I could tell you this: the big mistake regardless
of how many things are hurting you at this point, is that you’re comparing yourself to
yourself yesterday. I’m talking about maybe even literally yesterday,
when you approached the gym for your workout today. That’s the mistake because the more you do
that, the more you’re setting yourself up to incur more of these injuries. Even if your training is really not to blame. Meaning that your training program is good. Now, unfortunately, as a physical therapist
who treats a lot of people that come to me following bad training regimens and programs,
I can tell you that a lot of them aren’t. They’re leaving them in this condition where
they’re feeling beat up and maybe you’re feeling that way too, because of the shitty thing
that you’re following. The shitty workouts that you’re following. But if they’re good, if you approach the gym
with that mentality of always being the same guy every single day, or woman every single
day, you’re not going to wind up getting the most out of your body. Sometimes you have to be able to react on
the fly and say “I’m changing things up.” So I always remember this story when I was
in Port St. Lucia with the Mets training at Gold’s Gym. I went in there one day and I’m doing my regular
workout, and I’m the other side of one of those multi-stacked pieces of equipment. There’s a girl doing tricep push downs on
the other side. She’s literally mid-set and she’s getting
more and more frustrated, and then she’s like “I can’t feel it! I can’t feel it! I can’t feel it!” She’s telling her training partner. I’m like “This is fucking crazy.” “I can’t feel it! I can’t feel it!” she starts balling. “I can’t feel it in my triceps. I can’t feel it.” I’m like “Holy shit!” It was really like John Rambo at the end of
First Blood. If you haven’t seen it you’ll – or if you
have, you’ll know exactly what I’m talking about. I remember thinking “What is the big deal? Who cares if it doesn’t – if you were able
to bench press 350 in the last workout, and this time you can’t; so what?! It’s a single workout.” Where injuries occur is when you try to demand
from your body the same performance that you were capable of a few days prior on a day
that you may not be able to. Maybe you’re just not feeling it today. Maybe your shoulders are a little bit stiff. Maybe something else that you did led to that
being stiff. Maybe yard work left your shoulders being
stiff, that doesn’t allow you to perform the way you did the other day when you trained
your chest. Whatever the reason is, you have to be able
to react on the fly and change that, and not be so obsessed that is going to set you back
in any particular way. Demanding something out of your body that
you don’t have is going to set you back. So here’s where this all comes to a head,
and the best advice I could ever give you is what I try to bring to you every single
week on this channel. That is: learn the “Why” of what you’re doing,
and not just the “What”. Because the “what” alone is what gets you
in trouble. “Oh, I know what to do. I was told what to do.” Okay. Exercise A, B, C, D, whatever, with no care
at all about the conditions that might be present while I’m trying to do exercise A,
B, C, D. if you know why you’re doing exercise A, B, C, D, and then also know why what you’re
doing woks when you’re doing exercises A, B, C, D; now you become empowered to actually
change those when you need to, and not obsess or feel like you’re going to be taking a major
step backward when you do make those changes. So I always try here to tell you guys the
“why” of what we do. I think that’s what makes our channel different
from everybody else. That is: I want to educate you as to why. Don’t just “Here’s what to do.” Because “here’s what to do” is not going to
address everybody out there. But knowing why is going to allow you to make
the decisions yourself of when you should be making some changes and when you should,
maybe, step back. As far as the message of this video, I’m going
to tell you this: it’s not an old man’s message. One for guys like me. It’s for guys that are probably even more
valuable to people that are a lot younger than me. Because had I not followed the bad advice
I got and continued trying to demand stuff out of my body that I wasn’t capable of – like
hammering myself every day trying to bring the same performance that I didn’t have,
necessarily, and not in an admirable way, I just didn’t have it. It’s very normal for us not to be consistently
excellent. I hurt myself probably very badly in my teen
years and in my early 20s training that way. To the point where, now, I’m trying to be
able to overcome that. The good news is this: when you have all the
tools – and I’ve got the tools. One of the best things I became was a master
of compensation. I can come up with a million different ways. It’s one of my biggest strengths as a physical
therapist. A million different ways to tweak and exercise
to allow me to do something. It will allow you to actually train through
moments when you have aches and pains, whatever they may be. Now you don’t have to abandon what’s going
on. I’ve always said you don’t have to be abandoned
training when some things hurt. You can figure out ways to even train that
single area as well. You’ve just got to know how to make out a
patience to do that. So guys, I hope you’ve found this video helpful. The idea is to learn the why, not just the
what, and you’ll realize that when these normal aches and pains come up, hopefully minimized
by the fact that you’re following a good training program; Then you’ll realize that training is a lifelong
journey that’s going to have its ups and downs, but as long as you can continue on this upward
trend you’re going to be really good at the end of the day. All right, guys. I’ll be back here again in just a few days. Again, leave your requests down below. What would you like for me to cover? There’s a lot of injuries that I haven’t even
covered yet on this channel and I try to do the ones that you guys want me to do. So tell me the things I can help you with
that way, and whatever topics you want to see, and I’ll do my best to do that. All right, guys. I’ll talk to you again soon. See ya!

100 thoughts on “Your Workouts are Hurting You! (HERE’S WHY)

  1. Everytime I do bench press it hurts my right shoulder. over time it gets better but when I get back to the gym on chest day, BOOM, it feels ripped or torn again. The front of my shoulder is where it feels the worst.

  2. Can you cover wrist pain? I don't know what it is but every time I do push-ups my left wrist will be destroyed for the next following few weeks or so to the point where I can't even turn my hand at all

  3. I have a pinched nerve in my upper back I got from pull ups. It's hard to work around it. How do I recover?

  4. I'm trying to overcome a minor problem in my lower back. Hurt it 13 years ago and it sometimes makes itself known. I was doing some dumbell work and I felt a little uncomfortable pressure in my lower spine recently. I do not push my back hard and have been gradually working my way up slowly. I fear I won't be able to go up in weight soon due to it.

  5. I messed a tendon up in my right shoulder, between the middle and rear head of the deltoid, from a repetitive motion injury. I can make it crack loudly at will and it sometimes hurts like I have shrapnel in it, but it doesn't hurt all the time. What can I do about this?

  6. Needed to hear this. I just recovered from plantar fasciitis and now have lateral epicondylitis. Miss doing pull-ups. Worry about losing the ability. I couldn’t even do pull-ups till I was 40

  7. Jeff, this video makes it sound like you incorporated Simon Sinek's famous TED talk "Start with why" – and if so, I would be very happy to finally see somebody take that message up!

  8. Agree but you start giving in too much the body and mind become lazy. It's a balance. You have just know when to hold back and when to go for it and get intense. Hopefully more of the lattter and gains come.

  9. maybe too late to throw a request but…. I tore my pec major on my left side over 12 yrs ago. I was in college, no $ to get it fixed. I can do most chest exercises but movement like the Cavalier Cross over tends to hurt/stress my shoulder . my ? is, what can I do to avoid problems in the future or not be lop-sided.

  10. Jeff, love love love these videos. You have answered more of my questions in this past year than in 40 years I've been working out. Keep up the good work!💪

  11. Can certain trap workouts damage or prolong rotator cuff damage and can you workout your shoulders without damaging your cuffs

  12. Mini gyms here in philippines has full of "what", but very few "whys".. and if someone (other than the gym instructor) explains why, most of them will either that person, or shut him down sarcastically.. smh


  13. Supreme advice. I especially noticed this with my bench when my technique and form changed and I began for focus on the chest contraction and negatives. Reps went way down and I haven't even tried for my max in months simply because I realized the shoulder pain was inhibiting my left chestical from engaging and growing. A ton of light, high reppage along with joint supplementation (as suggested in another video) and it doesn't hurt anymore and I feel the contraction more then the right even though it is still smaller. Those incline crossover puchups with 2:1 left for right pumps has had a major effect. Lots of love Jeff and Jesse

  14. Another thing was today working with muscle confusion. Instead of DL to Squats to Lunges I went Jump Rope to Lunges to Squats to DL. Maxed at 315 on the DL twice the last time before but today only had 275 2x. If you're doing it right you will always have fluctuations in your abilities,

  15. What he told about the 4 spots…i got three of them but they are healing time to time…only because of him…thanks Jeff

  16. Learn the why, not just the what….love this guy’s advice. Having made more than enough training mistakes myself in the past, his approach is as informative as it is refreshing…and above all, useful! Many thanks, Jeff, keep them coming!

  17. why can't I fully extend my arm mid way thru my tricep work out. I can't properly do a tricep kick back cause my elbow doesn't straighten completely mid workout so fore with a lot of tricep workouts

  18. I have this persistent dull ache right behind my shoulder. my gf helps a lot (massages area) and releases the trigger point but I assume it is from possibly overuse. I also had a pec tear repaired about 4 years ago. Brilliantly done to.

    Any thoughts on this persistent and annoying more than anything problem Jeff? Thanks

  19. I bloody love this channel! Hey Jeff if you're ever in Ireland you're more than welcome to come down to the bog and help me hammer in a few fence posts! I'd say you'd be pretty handy with a sledge hammer! Fair play!

  20. I would sacrifice… something of mediocre value to have a prepared chat with you.. I’ll settle for advice on compensating for golfers elbow in Back training, taking time off from pull-ups sucks and trying not to grip anything to hard while it heals up a bit. Although I think it may be a result of a wrestling injury back in high school. Idk. Learning everything I can but nobody to bounce ideas off

  21. I was doing my bench today, and all I could feel was pain in my right palm where the bar usually sits. In the past I would have probably said "that's it, time to go home"… But after watching Jeff's videos I have so many good chest exercises now that I can do to get the pump if one exercise isn't working for me anymore.

    Bravo Athlean X and all its glory!

  22. Jeff i have with the flexor tendons of one hand. What can i do to train? i switched to leg and core, but i would like to do something more. So much thanks for coaching us.

  23. Hey Jeff, I'm a great fan of you and your videos backed up with science. Your videos have benefited me to a great extent. I'd like to close caption your videos if you'd let me to.

  24. Wise words, and rare wisdom in the fitness world. This advice applies to life in general too, psychological performance, etc

  25. The chick you were talking about might have been trying to get some attention from guys. Trying to suck them is so to speak. Tugging heart strings.

  26. I get fatigue very fast… if I do 3 sets of bench press….then I cant lift heavy in the 4th….or cant lift heavy after my muscles are pumped up.Please help me I cant increase my strength.

  27. I actually have pain in my neck and traps on my right side when I turn my head either way. I think it may be my sternocleidomastoid. What can I do to address this or any upper body workout variations for people with this kind of injury?

  28. CONTEXT!
    I only learned to work out within the context of ME (on a given day) a few months ago. It’s made all the difference in the world because trying to understand what I, personally need, within the context of MY OWN BODY AND FITNESS allows me to work out EVERY SINGLE DAY and not be injured or unhappy.
    I’m still a beginner but learning more and more and pushing myself (appropriately) harder all the time.

    I have gnarly patellar knee pain. I had bilateral debridement 8 years ago in which my orthopedist grinded and snipped damaged cartilage off the back of my left patella and fixed it. He said there was nothing loose on my right patella but that it was bruised and would continue to ache but function well.
    He was indeed correct and it does indeed continue to ache, badly so.

    Do you have any vids on how to help patellar knee pain from bruised cartilage?

    I watched a back/hip pain vid you made and got rid of my back pain in 1 day. I have a weak muscle apparently in my hip. The therapeutic exercises you suggested worked perfectly.

    Thanks for all your great advice and help.

  29. Hello @ATHLEAN-X,
    Jeff, this is what I'd like to to touch base on:

    A few days back I might have overdone a antagonist split on my scapular workout, I mean I did pushing and pulling to nearly failure for many many sets… And a few day into it, I do not feel pain but instead, when I list my arms, my right lat and serratus and what-not won't engage, so I'll have the V tapper on one side, but not the other, I was unable to protract myleft scapula when holding my hand above my head. What do you got on that?

    I mean causes, perhaps, fixes, stretches, excersice, and advice maybe? thanks!

  30. The only thing I got hurting is, the fat, lazy git inside me struggling to take control! 😂😂 great channel Jeff

  31. i hav mentioned this before on another video as well… jeff plz tell us smthing about tricep pain… u hav covered the shoulder pain because of tricep exercise but not the tricep it self

  32. I needed to hear this. I tend to feel bad when I can't do on a given day what I did before. Thank you for sharing your insights, Jeff. I appreciate you so much.

  33. Damn Jeff I am getting tired of you always being right.
    Your shoulder tips have fixed 90% of my shoulder pain. 30 yrs worth of abuse almost fixed thank you.
    My gains in 6 months of following you have surpassed 2 yrs of previous gains.
    The final straw was spending to much time in the gym.
    Normally spend 2.5 hrs on lifting.
    Just recently started increasing the intensity and getting it done in an hr.
    I have never felt so pumped in the target muscles before.
    Incredible. Thank you so much.

  34. Thank you! I'd like learn more about hip/knee/tibia/stress fracture/hair fracture and shin splints…injuries in that area…like chronic pain in the front tibia creating an irritation in the quad and hip….all on my right leg….

  35. Im 41 and just began taking working out seriously for the first time in my life and my man, your videos are highly informative. You are a great communicator. Thank you for the help.

  36. Hi I'm Evelyn. I'm 50. 192# trying to lose to 140. I don't like working out anymore because I hurt really bad. I had neck surgery in 09. Then in 2017 the doctor said I have spinal stenosis. I refuse to be cut on again! I know a lot of pain comes from my weight and not continuing workouts. Will I really stop hurting if I keep working out? Or am I just making things worse? I do feel better when I stretch. Diet has a lot to do with it too. If cut down on eating so much sweets even fruits to keep my bp down. Exercise helps that roo. I'm 5ft 2 so I can't continue to gain anymore weight. What workouts do you recommend could help?

    Have a great night/day.

  37. Great talk mate.Thanks for sharing your wonderful knowledge. Can you do a programme on anterior pelvic tilt and best ways to correct poor posture. And yes I am happy to subscribe to your gold mine of useful info.

  38. One of my joint spot inside the medial scapular(right shoulder) hurts a lot..And the shoulder is tilted little inside pac minor and the serraturs anterior seems little weak in this shoulder. I tried to fix my scapular…tried strengthening the seratus anterior…but still that spot hurts a lot which keeps me away from work out. Please suggest me

  39. Hi Jeff could you cover how to approach training that requires intensity when you have spinal disk degeneration, knee and Achilles problems thanks

  40. Simply The Best!!!…I'm 51 n have Mild Cerebral Palsy and have to say also, if i knew then what i know now…Thanks! to you….i wouldn't have some many aches n pains…..But that's Not Stopping me either….My Goal is to learn More ..n be able to help guys…n guys like me. Thank You Jeff.

  41. If you will please do one for ACL injuries… shoulder tendonitis… when you have the opportunity thanks jeff

  42. Jeff's rotator cuff exercise video helped my shoulder pain immensely and it was amazing how quickly it helped me after suffering with shoulder pain for more than a year! Working with very little weight. Working muscles that I had been neglecting.

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