Zhavia challenge Nicole – “Killing Me Softly” | THE FOUR #CHALLENGED

Nicole who do you want to challenge? Think I’m gonna challenge survive I’m dizzy, so he’s gone first I Am the current longest-running member of the Ford which feels pretty crazy You know nobody challenged me last week But I’m always gonna be ready for a challenge the things that thing is different about your buyer. She’s the youngest in the competition She was the first person to throw anybody off the floor. Can you beat that performance? Yeah? She’s just so fearless This morning when we woke up Shania had no place to perform for me I’ve been told that I need to rest my voice So I’m not gonna talk well now jovial decided still show up to the show and if she gets challenged She says she’s ready to go at it. I’ll respect that go hard girls To see Whereas it’s not boring stranger to Picture while you’ve got your sweet girl Fire blazing Nicole let’s see if you have what it takes to earn a seat on the phone Well you almost heavy Hand me thinking I was nothing without you You brought the flames if you put me through him I had to learn how to fight for myself And we both know all the truths I could tell I’ll just say this is I wish you’ll feel well I hope you’re somewhere I Hope your soul is changing You piece All right You came up here Shivaya, and I know you had something going on with your throat. How are you feeling about it that? Performance was so emotional there were so many things going on you know mom. I just wanna say I love you so much All right Nicole Obviously a lot of emotion on here. How are you doing right now? I feel like I’ve I told the story I needed to tell I was Okay, let’s see what our panel thinks Charlie Nicole you sang Praying so beautifully I mean everyone tonight felt your voice And we all got goosebumps Megan Shivaya If you could ask me what’s the least favorite thing? I want to do in life is to sing sick It’s the most miserable thing ever but my mom told me sometimes when you feel miserable you perform your best And I swear you did that tonight good job yeah, the most important thing that’s coming from this show is making a new star and creating music and remember we all have to go back to the studio after the show was done and continue to work and I want to remind everybody This is talent undeniable tower Nicole I’m very impressed by your audition. I think you gave it your all But then what you’ve I showed me tonight Makes me feel like identifying a unique artist that hasn’t been on the scene yet You have a great voice But we need some more artistry and you’re vile you got that artistry and that’s why I want to rock with you Audience, please vote now Is it going to be survived member of the fall or Nicole our Challenger I’m the winner of this challenge is Shavon You Stepped up and defended your seats. You’ll remain on the floor another week congratulations, baby You are still the longest reigning seat holder on the floor. How does it feel? I just appreciate the love so much See by the magenta ring You know it’s a disappointment to miss out on such a huge opportunity But if some amazing to sing that song in front of an audience Sitting there nervous blast out and they have knowing that she wouldn’t be able to really have a full voice She pushed through like a true champion does Coming up. I really tell you familiar what we do Yes

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